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1 Insight

Aug 15, 2019

Fighting for limitations is something that clients do all the time. As a coach, you need to challenge your clients by not allowing them to enroll you in that story. Parissa, Rich’s client, came in today with that fight for her limitations, but Rich didn’t bite. Parissa is an advisory board member in a female-founded AI startup with a track record of success in the corporate world. She believes that she has a “new coach smell,” and that has caused a tremendous amount of self-doubt. The important thing to remember is that if you have exemplified enough leadership in life then you are not new to coaching. It’s so easy to dismiss your background starting a new career but it’s a vital part of who you are. Remember just how powerful you really are. Don’t think you can do it, know you can! 

In today’s episode:

  • Hitting your audacious goals and breaking through self-doubt
  • Breaking down the new coach smell and why it’s not real
  • Parissa’s business journey and impact
  • Adding a new skill while knowing exactly who you are
  • Where Parissa’s block is coming from
  • Evicting those things that have damaged your spirit
  • Gaining richness in your life from the rock bottom moments
  • The 3 biggest issues in any organization
  • Why knowing the soft skills of business is vital to survival
  • Pinpointing the places where you judge yourself
  • Acknowledging the truths on the other side of the self-judgments
  • Using a goal as a place to come from rather than a place to get to
  • Practicing what you preach every single day

For most of human history, it wasn’t called coaching. It was called leadership. If you’d like to learn more about our community of extraordinary top performers, go to: