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Dec 26, 2019

Success is great, sometimes even addictive. It sounds like a good problem to have, but that’s not really the case. Rich’s guest today, Eric, is feeling the effects of that addiction. After reading The Prosperous Coach, Eric took off before he even began working with Rich. He is seemingly living the coach’s dream, having a coaching business with 10 clients at $100k per year. Except, sometimes success hurts. He has all sorts of unique challenges because of the way he set his business up. Instead of helping Eric to reach his goal of doubling his revenue to $2M next year, Rich decides to give him a much bigger challenge that totally shifts the way Eric thinks moving forward. Remember, slow down to speed up, because a goal is a place to come from, not a place to get to.


In today’s episode:

  • The only addiction in the western world that we praise
  • Bonding by sharing your pain with others
  • Putting a rider on the end of your goals
  • Coaching that we love vs. the business of coaching
  • Creating an investment vision to establish long-term power
  • How to look at goals as a place to come from
  • Getting potential clients back into that feeling of power before the proposal
  • Taking your business growth one conversation at a time
  • Identifying your big rocks and putting them on the calendar first
  • Giving yourself some upper limits around time in particular


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The Prosperous Coach


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