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1 Insight

Sep 12, 2019

Fear is often a mask for desire. When Rich hears that, he looks past the fear and tries to uncover the desire behind the mask. Rich was able to remove this mask with his guest today, Niki Parker. Niki works for the International Red Cross. She set up a coaching program for the World Economic Forum and created an online digital campaign that generated millions of dollars and raised awareness of the environment. Niki tried to sell her limitations and fear to Rich but he wasn’t buying it. Through 1 insight she is able to see that what she thinks is fear is, in fact, the energy she has for her greatest desires. She realizes that she is so busy that she hasn’t sat down to create her specific intentions to focus that energy Intention is powerful.


In today’s episode:

  • Having “fear” of the next step
  • Breaking down sexy work vs. cash projects
  • The 4 steps to creating clients with a very simple framework
  • Connecting with and inviting people into a conversation
  • Giving people an experience with coaching
  • Performing the juggling act between dreams and reality
  • Balancing out the ups and downs that come with business
  • Why coaches would benefit from doubling their fees
  • Importance of setting your intentions
  • Knowing that a goal is truly impossible
  • Putting yourself into a community of successful and driven people


For most of human history, it wasn’t called coaching. It was called leadership. If you’d like to learn more about our community of extraordinary top performers, go to: