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Oct 10, 2019

Rich loves his job because he gets paid to dig around in people’s minds. More specifically, he helps people change their view and path in life by guiding them to shift their mindset. Rich has the pleasure of helping two people, Matt and Cathy, to shift their mindsets. Matt is a former VP at a major sports league who he has created multi-million dollar deals. He is looking for value in his time and to find belief in himself. Cathy is a former head of digital marketing during a 14-year, 6-figure salary career in the corporate world, a cancer survivor, and an all-around giver. Being the giver that she is, asking for that monetary value for her coaching services has become a personal struggle for her. Rich is able to shed some light on their greatest competition, the status quo, so that they experience their own moments of insight. These insights will undoubtedly change the futures of their coaching businesses.


In today’s episode:

  • Matt’s desired aspects for his future coaching business
  • Expressing the value of your time to your clients
  • Making up stuff about numbers in your own head
  • Coming from a place of compassion and sharing in coaching
  • Giving, taking, and matching in life
  • Selling clients on the experience of coaching
  • Spending too much money to learn about coaching instead of the business of coaching
  • Why they are not saying yes
  • Competing with the status quo
  • Asking powerful questions in order to vet clients
  • Committing to staying in your own zone of genius


List of resources:

Give and Take

Here's a powerful article on the difference between coaches who succeed vs coaches who struggle:


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