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1 Insight

Oct 8, 2020

I was a fearful child. I’ve been a fearful man. And I’ve spent much of my life covering it up by doing all I can to look confident on the outside, whilst feeling deeply insecure on the inside. I’m afraid of not being liked, of running out of money, of dying before I see my kids grow up, of telling Monique what I really, really want, of aiming too high, of failing, of looking bad, of getting NOs…

But I have learned that FEAR IS A MASK FOR DESIRE. And when a client asks me to help them get rid of a fear, I’m far more interested to find out what they really, really want. Underneath fear is desire. It’s what their fear is holding them back from.

Today's episode is a reminder to hide nothing, to hold nothing back, to serve not please and to speak your truth—no matter what.

Love. Rich

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