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Aug 15, 2019

If your life was to be translated into a series of books, they would be filled with ups and downs, relationships, and experiences, good or bad. You, the main character, would be on a search for your passion and mission in life. However, the most important chapters might be the ones that were never written. What’s the book you are scared to write? Today, Rich is joined by one of his clients, Andre, to talk about those chapters of life and quite literally writing his book. Andre built a successful healthcare business before making the transition into coaching and different forms of therapy. Right now he is working on writing his book on life from his own unconventional insights. Remember, just write, your voice will come!

In today’s episode:

  • Andre’s search for his bigger mission in life
  • What Andre wants to leave as his legacy of change
  • Understanding the world of trauma and its microdoses throughout life
  • Writing the book that speaks to those who read it
  • Becoming very aware of your own mortality
  • Chapter titles acting like the language of your people
  • Importance of showing and sharing your work
  • Just write, your voice will come
  • Putting your message out there where it can really serve


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