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1 Insight

Jan 16, 2020

A single insight can completely change your life, and that insight can come in many forms. Rich’s came in the form of a phone call, a phone call that he duplicates for his client today. Luisa is a consultant and understands business at the highest levels. Her hope is to work with Rich on the idea of doing something fun and big while using her genius. Rich shares a story about the phone call that saw him commit to something fully though he knew nothing about it. By turning their conversation into that phone call, Rich is able to give Luisa a sense of mission and a way to give back. Her one moment of insight has her on a path and nothing can stop her!


In today’s episode:

  • Doing whatever it takes when you are committed to something
  • Rich’s life-changing phone call
  • Bringing possibility to groups of people that don’t know it’s coming
  • Knowing that you don’t have to do the journey alone
  • Luisa’s life story and how she developed her beliefs
  • Being held back by the fears and the what-ifs
  • Who’s on the other side of the life-changing phone call
  • Allowing yourself to be moved so that you can move others


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