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Nov 21, 2019

There’s no secret that making a career change at the top of your game is an incredibly exciting and scary thought. Consciously leaving a successful career means that somewhere inside, you are searching for the person that you want to be. If you are willing to sacrifice the time, money, and energy to go through the J curve of business, then you can do, “scary.” Once you can do, “scary,” then you can finally figure out what you are worth, so don’t be afraid to charge that amount of money!

Prior to becoming coaches, Kyle was a high flying executive who worked 80 hour weeks, Aaron's career was focused on social justice, and Alex produced events that generated millions in revenue in the trade show field. They are each on the search for what they want to create. Rich is able to help Alex identify his dream client, Kyle start to dream about a mission so big that he could make a massive impact on the world, and Aaron let go of being so serious and fear-driven. Once you realize what you really want, then you realize that it’s there for the taking.


In today’s episode:

  • Making the shift into something that completely terrifies you
  • Finding yourself in the J curve of business
  • Having more on your plate because you know how to do more
  • Recognizing the real power in hell yes and hell no
  • Reaching the sense of freedom on the other side of emotion
  • Figuring out what to charge for the value that you deliver to people
  • Deciding what’s next once you reach your goals
  • Focusing on the legacy that you want to leave behind
  • Looking for a certain mindset in your ideal clients
  • Pinpointing the dark side of our gifts
  • Learning what you can from your clients’ mistakes
  • Bringing in a sense of play to your coaching to expand your range


For most of human history, it wasn’t called coaching. It was called leadership. If you’d like to learn more about our community of extraordinary top performers, go to: