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1 Insight

Sep 26, 2019

Our gifts are what make us unique and who we are, but every gift we have has a dark side. There are inevitable consequences of what comes so naturally for us. People may just not be ready to benefit from your gifts. Rich’s guest today, Margaux Thévenin, was once in charge of the worldwide marketing strategy for an organization with a half a billion-dollar revenue. She came looking to prioritize her actions, but Rich serves his clients by not always listening to the first thing that they say. Today, he was able to look deeper and crack into Margaux’s real desires and needs. She had 1 Insight that caused her to go silent, then Rich gave her a powerful tool for speaking herself into the room.


In today’s episode:

  • Struggling to identify who you really want to work with
  • Filtering demographics vs. psychographics
  • Headlining our professional accomplishments
  • Problems with the zone of genius
  • Where you should strive to take your clients
  • Navigating complexity and uncertainty to establish links for others
  • Learning to live with the dark side of our gifts
  • Establishing a connection between your mind and your body


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