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1 Insight

Mar 31, 2022

Do you ever feel like you're on the Hamster Wheel of business? The more you do, the more there is to do... The more money you make, the more money you need to make... And as you become more successful, the pressure builds to be even more successful...

Richard shows up on this call with a lot on his mind. He's speaking fast. You can feel his energy. I consciously slow him down and suggest the possibility that the less he does, the more he will make.

He wants to believe me but I tell him not to believe me but instead cast his mind back over his life to see how this principle is already true. He is surprised at what he finds.

And in less than ten minutes, we are there. Sometimes Speed Coaching can have as much impact as Deep Coaching...

Love. Rich

PS. For most of human history, it wasn’t called coaching. It was called leadership.
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