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Oct 31, 2019

Sometimes in the business world, less is more. You can’t possibly expect to be great at a million different things, so trying too much at once can result in failure. Remember, money can be the most creative expression of your creativity. Failure is inevitable and needs to happen in order to learn. Don’t be afraid to fail. Rich’s guests today are dealing with their own personal struggles as they transition into the coaching world. 

Sarah got her Ph.D. in archaeology only to make the move to Portugal, meet the love of her life, and launch a coaching business, which is now oversubscribed. For some reason, she has forgotten just how brilliant she actually is. Tony served as a financial leader for a billion-dollar corporation before building his own financial consulting business. He is struggling to figure out how to bring his genius to his own business. Monica became a manager in the corporate world at 28 years old. For more than 13 years, she was a successful leader in an Austrian bank, yet she is being held back by her fear of failure. Each one will experience their own insight and realize how powerful they really are.


In today’s episode:

  • Imposter syndrome and the fraud paradox
  • Believing everything positive that anyone ever says about you
  • Looking to make an impact on your clients’ lives every day
  • Focusing on putting stuff out into the world to see where there is interest
  • Using money as the greatest expression of your creativity
  • Treating yourself as a client in order to change your world
  • Remembering to create for yourself what you do for your customers
  • Giving credit to past failures as stepping stones to where you are now
  • Knowing that is okay to fail
  • Why we as humans are very poor at estimating time
  • Falling into the trap of thinking that you have to set goals
  • Gentle reflection in the time between conversations


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