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1 Insight

Apr 16, 2020

Imagine running a company where your clients are seniors and your business generation happens almost exclusively through live events. And then there's a pandemic…

Welcome to Catherine's world. She's exhausted, and it feels like she's carrying this burden alone.

Within 3 minutes of coaching, she has an insight that's so powerful, we both know we're there. Shortest podcast episode ever!

I tell our editor to cut and Catherine and I start to chat. And in those next 2 minutes, she has another really powerful insight. So I asked them to leave that in the recording.

When you coach around insight, everything can shift in a moment. Life looks one way, something happens, and then everything is different…

After you've listened to this episode, get in touch. Let me know your single biggest insight – and how you'll apply it.

Read my Playbook for coaching in Challenging Times. I wrote it for you. You were born for this moment. And we've got your back.

Join Serve, Lead, Serve – my pop-up Facebook group to support coaches, at this moment in time. I'm there most days, coaching, teaching and supporting our community.

Love. Rich


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